Profile of KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, joint stock company

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, joint stock company, is the engineering – supply company which, on a long-term basis, is focused on huge supplies in nuclear power engineering, chemistry and petrochemistry, water and wastewater treatment.

The company provides and offers in the framework of its activities the following

  • Detail designs of technological parts
  • Product designs of facilities
  • Strength calculations of pipelines, tanks, equipments and structures
  • Completions, supplies and assemblies of technological parts or complete operating plants
  • Technical support and cooperation during the commissioning tests and putting into operation

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, joint stock company, as the subsupplier, has participated in construction of all nuclear blocks of the NPP in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The company employees a highly qualified team of designers, specialists, technicians and businessmen. Total number is about 170 employees.

The following technological systems for the NPP primary circuits have been supplied

  • Auxiliary systems for primary circuits
  • Radioactive material/contaminated water purification stations
  • Active and passive emergency systems
  • Chemical solution preparation and dosing systems
  • Radioactive water storage
  • Final liquid radioactive waste handling

Additionally to preparation and completion of supplies and assemblies the company provides many related expert engineering work, especially 

  • Detail designs
  • Product documentation
  • Assembly documentation
  • Commissioning test documentation and documents related to putting into operation
  • Strength calculation documentation and machine tightness documentation
  • Operating life documentation
  • Quality assurance documentation

By way of its Otevře externí odkaz v novém okněKRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ STRESS ANALYSIS GROUP Ltd. subsidiary company, the KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA company provides static and dynamic strength calculations of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, column apparatuses, tanks, steel structures, etc. including residual life calculations. The company manages the software applications, e.g. SYSTUS, ADLPIPE, NEXIS and other. The Czech, European, Russian, British and American standards are applied for calculations and results assessment.

The state of stress is assessed by the sophisticated methods in compliance with the valid in nuclear power engineering standards and for pressure vessels and steel constructions (ASME, EUROCODE, KTA, NTD A.S.I., PNAE, etc.).

The following supplies can be presented

  • Storage and service tanks of different sizes and layouts
  • Heat transfer apparatuses (coolers, after-coolers, heat exchangers, evaporators, after-evaporators, condensers, etc.)
  • Process pressure apparatuses (filters, collectors, acid eggs and pressure vessels)
  • Rotary machines (pumps, vacuum pumps, blowers)
  • Pipeline systems including fittings and other elements
  • Steel structures of different types
  • Lifting mechanisms including special crane