Lovochemie - Calcium nitrate, „Complex Innovation of Production Process“

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. provided the company Lovochemie, a.s. with the calcium nitrate production unit within the “Complete innovation of production process“ Project. The company Lovochemie, a.s. is a Czech producer of the mineral fertilizers, especially the ammonia and calcium nitrate.

The investment Project „Complex innovation of production process“ was aimed to increase production effectivity and reduce noisiness  through modification of the granulation unit technology. The new unit minimizes waste water effluent from the of calcium nitrate production process.

Lovochemie a.s., Lovosice – Complete innovation of production process
Project commencement:
CZ, Lovosice
Lovochemie a.s., Lovosice
Scope of Project:
Delivery and installation of the mechanical and technological equipment for the granulated fertilizer – calcium nitrate production. The scope of delivery covered also preparation of the documentation and putting the equipment into operation.