Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant - Replacement of Motor Oil Separators, DG 1-3

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. was a executor of the "Replacement of motor oil separators" Project within the Diesel generator stations of the Dukovany nuclear power plant.

The Project objective is the increase of the quality of motor oil for operation of the Diesel generator stations (DG) 1, 2, 3. The existing insufficient motor oil separators are replaced with the new units with advanced design and high efficiency of separation. The new separators will ensure long-term trouble-free operation with consequent reduced expenditure on repairs and maintenance.

„7249_NPP Dukovany - Replacement of motor oil separators, DG 1-3"
Project commencement:
CZ, Dukovany
"ČEZ, a.s.; Jaderná elektrárna Dukovany; 675 50 Dukovany 2"
Scope of Project:
Delivery and installation of new oil separators for the Diesel generator stations (DG 1-3). Complete preparation of mechanical and electrical parts of the design documentation.