Lovochemie - Ecologization of Energy Source

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. executed for the company Lovochemie, a.s. the "Ecologization of energy source – energy saving turbine" Project. The company Lovochemie, a.s. is a Czech producer of the mineral fertilizers, especially the ammonia and calcium nitrate.  

The Project dealt with the existing dry-bottom coal-fired boilers replacement with a new circulating fluidized-bed boiler.

The Project benefit is a significant reduction of SO2, NOx and solid pollutant emissions to atmosphere. The grant from Environment Programme was allocated for the project implementation. 

Lovochemie a.s., Lovosice - Ecologization of energy source – energy saving turbine
Project commencement:
CZ, Lovosice
Lovochemie a.s., Terezínská 57, 410 17 Lovosice
Scope of Project:
Reconstruction of the energy source, delivery of the turbine with capacity of 25 MW and power extraction, reconstruction of the machine room and optimization of power transfer to the internal plant utility network. Delivery on turn-key basis, including the design documentation and commissioning.