NPP Dukovany - Diesel Generator Station

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s., prepared the design documentation and executed the delivery and installation of equipment for the Diesel generator stations 1 ÷ 12. The equipment, and fuel and air distribution piping for Diesel generators were manufactured and delivered in compliance with the applicable decrees.

JEDU -U481 „Diesel generator station 1 ÷ 6", U482 „Diesel generator station 1 ÷ 12"
Project commencement:
CZ, Dukovany
ČEZ a.s., Duhová 2/1444, 140 53 Praha 4, JE Dukovany
Scope of Project:
Reconstruction of fuel and air distribution systems for the Diesel generator stations 1÷12. Delivery and installation of technological equipment, preparation of design documentation.