NPP Jaslovské Bohunice - Ion-exchange Resin Traps

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s., provided the Jaslovské Bohunice nuclear power plant with the delivery of three ion-exchange resin traps, each with capacity of 65 m3/hr.

Bohunice V2 nuclear power plant is located in western Slovakia, near Trnava city. Electric power is generated here in two blocks with VVER 440/V-213 pressurised water reactors, which were put into operation in 1984 and 1985 respectively.

Since 2000 a modernisation program worth 500 mil. euro was implemented at V2 blocks, completed in 2010 by each block capacity increase to 505 MW.

NPP Jaslovské Bohunice - ion-exchange resin traps
Project commencement:
Slovenské elektrárne a.s., Mlynské nivy 47, 821 09 Bratislava
Scope of Project:
Delivery of 3 pieces of ion-exchange resin traps.