Tušimice II Power Plant - OB 8 Miscellaneous Accessories

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, was the general contractor and designer of the entire subproject "OB 8 – Miscellaneous block accessories” of the „Retrofit of Tušimice II power plant“ Project.

This Project purpose is to extend the lifetime of Tušimice II power plant by 25 years while considering the available deposits of coal and progression of coal mining, meeting the legislative requirements on environment protection for the power plant lifetime and satisfying economical requirements and technical standards.

One of the complementary tasks of the retrofit of Tušimice II power plant was the reconstruction of the existing feed water tanks and degasifiers, replacement of the indirect steam coolers, replacement of the internal cooling circuit equipment and its modification to the closed system, including the related equipment disassembly. Furthermore the subproject package covered the header tank for condensate collection from drainage of the combined reduction and cooling stations within the block 1 and the temporary facilities for chemical cleaning of the block.

Tušimice II power plant is one pf the basic electric power generation resources of the company ČEZ, a.s. consisting of four blocks, each with the capacity of 200 MW.

Retrofit of Tušimice II power plant, OB 8 miscellaneous block accessories
Project commencement:
CZ, Tušimice
ČEZ a.s., Duhová 2/ 1444, 140 53 Praha 4
Scope of Project:
Project “Complex renewal of Tušimice II power plant“, general supply and design development of the Commercial package OB 8 - Other accessories of the block. Supply of pumps and other equipment.