Nuclear power plants

Our company has been participating in capital construction in domestic and foreign (Slovakia) nuclear power engineering for more than thirty years.

We participated in construction of the first nuclear power plant (NPP) in Jaslovské Bohunice (Slovakia), then we continued our supplies for VVER 440 VI,V2 type  NPP in Jaslovské Bohunice  (2 x 2 unit blocks), later for construction of Dukovany NPP (4 unit blocks) and Mochovce NPP (4 unit blocks) in Slovakia.


In 2003, the final construction phase of two VVER 1000 unit blocks in Temelín NPP was completed.  Technological systems for the NPP unit block (reactor hall) and the auxiliary service building for primary systems (BAPP) presented the significant part of our deliveries.

The general overview follows:

The unit block of nuclear power plant (reactor hall)

  1. Auxiliary systems of primary circuit
  2. Radioactive material purification systems
  3. Emergency systems

Auxiliary service building for primary systems (BAPP)

  1. Contaminated waste water purification systems
  2. Chemical solution preparation systems
  3. Interim radioactive waste storage systems
  4. Final radioactive waste processing systems


In addition to the above mentioned main technological systems, the technological pipeline systems, technological steel constructions, standard and special lifting mechanisms and cranes, transport machine and transport and storage containers, technological facilities for „wet“ and „dry“ spent fuel storage and the deliveries of other technological systems and the facilities related to NPP operation have been delivered.

In general, the scope of our deliveries is represented by the continuous activities from the active cooperation at the preliminary design, basic design, deliveries and their assemblies, putting into operation, participation in test operation to their taking over to the user.

During implementation of the supplies to NPPs the strict legislation and regulations including the technical safety regulations related to nuclear safety and operation reliability must be observed. The current technical knowledge in the confirmative strength and life documentation of selected components and nuclear power plant systems including the required seismic resistance of the defined systems are also applied.