Sloup, Šošůvka – WWTP and Sewerage - 2 100 PE

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. executed for the “Svazek obcí Sloup, Šošůvka” association the delivery of complete technological part of the wastewater treatment plant in Sloup. Construction of the mechanical and biological wastewater treatment plant and sewerage was executed during 2010-2012. The new WWTP meets the quality requirements on its effluent discharge to the Sloup stream, in compliance with the strict water regulation limits, and eliminates the impacts of possible Sloup stream  contamination in the underground cave system of the Moravian Karst.    

The WWTP consists of water and sludge units. The water unit provides mechanical waste water pretreatment, the subsequent biological treatment is provided by means of a low-rate activation and sludge sedimentation in  vertical sedimentation tanks. The final safety stage of treatment is provided by means of the lamella sedimentation tank with chemical management at the WWTP outlet. The sludge management consists of the aerobic sludge stabilisation tanks.  Mobile sludge dewatering equipment is applied. The Project execution also covered electrical equipment, Instrumentation and control system.

The sanitary waste water of the municipal sphere and public facilities of the municipalities of Sloup and Šošůvka are directed to the WWTP. Waste water intake to the WWTP is free drain, or by use of pump stations. The treated water effluent recipient is the Sloup stream.   

Sloup, Šošůvka – WWTP and sewerage
Project commencement:
CZ, Sloup
Svazek obcí Sloup, Šošůvka
Scope of Project:
Reconstruction and intensification of the waste water treatment plant in Sloup. Delivery and installation of the mechanical and technological part, electrical part and Instrumentation, operation start-up.