WTP „Svatá Trojice“ - Reconstruction and Intensification, Kutná Hora

The aim of the "Svatá Trojice, water treatment plant reconstruction and intensification” Project was to ensure high-quality potable water from WTP, intended for the group water supply systems for the region of Kutná Hora, Čáslav, Uhlířské Janovice and Sázavsko, and partly also for the district of Kolín.  This Project was ordered from the “Water association Vrchlice – Maleč” and executed by "Association WTP Svatá Trojice", the corporation of the companies KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s., VCES, a.s., KUNST, spol. s r.o., The intensification resulted in the elimination of the problems of the existing water treatment plant such as the deteriorating  raw water quality in the Vrchlice reservoir, preventing the provision of high-quality potable water from WTP.

The intensification consisted of the complete replacement of the water treatment plant technological equipment, due to which the water treatment plant will be fully able to provide year-round water supply in the quantity and quality as per required.

The reconstruction was performed under full operation. The water treatment plant capacity is 130 l/s, peak capacity of 220 l/s remains even after reconstruction completion. The “Svatá Trojice” water treatment plant provides water supply for more than 44 000 inhabitants. The average high-quality potable water supply to the water supply network amounts to 85 l/s.

"Svatá Trojice” water treatment plant reconstruction and intensification
Project commencement:
CZ, Kutná Hora
"Vodohospodářská společnost Vrchlice – Maleč, a.s."
Scope of Project:
Reconstruction and intensification of Svatá Trojice water treatment plant to the capacity of 130 l/s, modification of technology, Instrumentation.