WWTP Hrádkov - 2 600 PE

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. executed for the “Svazek vodovodů a kanalizací okresu Blansko”  association (Association  of the water and sewage operators) the „Wastewater treatment plant and sewerage Hrádkov“ Project. The community sewerage systems of Benešov, Okrouhlá, Valchov, Velenov and Vratíkov are connected the WWTP. This Project was executed during 2011 and 2012 within the ISPA program. The waste water treatment plant operation meets the requirements on treated effluent quality in compliance with both Czech national and European standards and the water regulation limits as well.   

The WWTP consists of water and sludge units. The waste water mechanical pretreatment unit is located in the inlet. Biological treatment is provided by means of a low-rate activation and sedimentation in the circular settling tank. The final safety stage of treatment is provided by means of the WWTP effluent microscreen filter. The sludge service consists of the aerobic sludge stabilisation tanks. Mobile sludge dewatering equipment is applied.

The waste water source consists of the municipal sphere and public facilities of individual municipalities. Waste water intake to the WWTP is a free drain, or by use of pump stations. The treated water effluent recipient is the Bělá river.

Water protection within the Dyje river catchment area – phase II, part B – region Blanensko, WWTP Hrádkov
Project commencement:
CZ, Hrádkov
Svazek vodovodů a kanalizací měst a obcí, Boskovice
Scope of Project:
Delivery and installation of the technological part of Hrádkov WWTP with capacity of 2 600 PE.