WWTP Nelahozeves - Unilever PTZ - 9 800 PE

The „Mechanical and biological wastewater treatment plant“ Project for Povltavské tukové závody (PTZ) was executed during 1994-1995. The Project dealt with insufficient waste water treatment stage, not meeting the required limits for effluent discharge to Vltava river. In 1996 the combined plant was put into permanent operation, treating both the industrial and sanitary waste water produced by Unilever PTZ and the municipal waste water of Nelahozeves village, and meeting the treated effluent quality limits in compliance with the applicable Czech national and European standards and water regulations. decision.   

The Project was divided into two parts. Pretreatment in the actual PTZ plant, aimed to the fat separation from the plant water after the process of fat splitting, and final biological treatment in the WWTP outside the plant area. The waste water treatment plant is intended for the plant sanitation and storm water, pretreated plant industrial water and the waste water from the separate sewerage system of Nelahozeves. The WWTP is a mechanical and biological plant, with selector and gradually loaded activation in aboveground tanks.

The Project also covered the construction of the river water pumping station for the Unilever PTZ production plant.

Project commencement:
CZ, Nelahozeves
Unilever ČR, spol. s r.o.
Scope of Project:
Delivery and installation of technological part.