WWTP Nový Bor - 13 400 PE

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. executed for the „Sdružení ČOV Nový Bor – SMP - Kunst“ association as the Investor, with the company SMP CZ,a.s. as a leading member, the subproject "Reconstruction of Nový Bor WWTP ", being a part of the initial “Čistá Ploučnice” Project (Clean Ploučnice river).

Participation of the company KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA in construction of the wastewater treatment plant consisted in reconstruction and equipment provision of biological stage nitrification tanks, sludge service storage tanks and the WWTP effluent final sedimentation basin.  KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. delivered the sewerage system pump stations, including accessories.  The wastewater treatment plant meets the requirements on treated effluent quality in compliance with the applicable standards and the water regulation limits for the Nový Bor WWTP.    

The waste water source consists of the municipal sphere and public facilities of the town. The connection of the municipalities of Sloup v Čechách, Janov and Radvanec has been prepared. The effluent recipient is the Šporka river, within the catchment area of the Ploučnice river.

Reconstruction of Nový Bor WWTP, „Čistá Ploučnice“ Project
Project commencement:
CZ, Nový Bor
Severočeská vodárenská společnost, a. s., Teplice
Scope of Project:
Intensification of the mechanical and biological wastewater treatment plant. Delivery and installation of the technological part – operating units PS 07,11,12,13,14.