WWTP Rousínov, 5 500 PE, Vyškovsko Project

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s., participated in reconstruction of the Rousínov wastewater treatment plant within the "Reconstruction and construction of the water service infrastructure of Vyškov district" Project, and executed this Project as a general contractor of technological part, together with the company D.I.S. s.r.o. within the "Sdružení Vyškov" association.

The existing WWTP´s technology was out-of-date and unable to provide effective nutrients removal. The plant was not sufficient for the increase of capacity from 3 500 PE to 5 500 PE. Capacity increase required the fundamental change of the treatment technology and scope of construction. After this reconstruction the Rousínov WWTP became a mechanical and biological wastewater treatment plant, with the mechanical pretreatment unit, tanks for the low-load activation and the sedimentation tanks. It includes the equipment for phosphorus chemical removal and the tanks for aerobic sludge stabilisation. The plant inlet is provided with the effective pump station and the immeable storm water tank. The third stage of treatment with microscreen filters will ensure further reduction of the pollution concentrations in the effluent.

Reconstruction and construction of the water service infrastructure of Vyškov district – Rousínov WWTP
Project commencement:
CZ, Rousínov
Vodovody a kanalizace Vyškov, a.s.
Scope of Project:
Reconstruction and modernization of the Rousínov wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 5 500 PE. General delivery of the technological part, including preparation of the design documentation.