Water treatment plants

The flexibility of KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA commercial activities can be observed during its water treatment plant implementation. The water treatment plants and their parts marked with the tooth wheel, i.e. the KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ logo which was later partly adopted by KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, have been delivering to the Czech and foreign customers since 1957.

The systems of technological apparatuses and tanks of the water treatment plant and their technological parts are delivered for the purpose of drinking water treatment, industrial service water treatment and special treatment. The water treatment plants delivered can be enhanced by self-supporting tower tanks.

Water treatment plants are fully automated, computer controlled with the data/information storage.

Drinking water treatment plants

The surface/underground water treatment plants are always delivered to meet the local conditions, the requirements about the treatment level and the purpose of use.

1. Block and mobile water treatment plants (delivery up to 5 litres/second)

The container arrangement of mobile water treatment plants can characterize by easy transport and installation of equipment at the site by its connecting to the customer source.

2. Modular water treatment plants (delivery up to 80 litres/second)

The steel arrangement of the apparatuses can provide transport of both the completed units. The modular system solution provides the simple assembly and the installation at the site.

3. Large water treatment plants (delivery up to 3000 litres/second)

The first stage of treatment process downstream the intake and the pumping station uses the chemical coagulation process. The reaction products and the impurities are separated in the second stage in the building tanks with the technological built-in systems. Water is filtered in sand filters.

The basic stages can be extended in compliance with the customer requirements with additional technological parts in a form of technological and disinfective ozonization, active carbon and special filter bed filtration, chlordioxide dosing, UV radiation and other depending on the specific requirements.

Service water treatment plants

Water for indirect cooling systems in steelworks, electric arc furnaces and ironworks is usually treated by side filtration of the closed circulating circuit. The direct cooling circuits are completed with the dosing of the agents added to the water. The water treatment plant is monitored and controlled from the steelwork control room.

Special treatment plants

Water treatment using membrane processes is applied to reduce high salt content of a water source. Sea water is treated for drinking using membrane processes. The membrane filtration successively replaces ion-exchange filtration in industrial water treatment.

Water treatment plants for swimming are provided with metal or plastic filter vessels with granular filtering materials for single- or multi-layer filtration. The effective filtration is completed with chemical treatment and water sanitation, i.e. a combination of chlorination, ozonization and UV radiation.