BUKÓZA ENERGO, a.s. – Increase in Electric Power and Heat Generation

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. executed for BUKÓZA ENERGO, a.s. company the "Increase in electric power and heat generation efficiency“ Project. The Project objectives are a more effective utilisation of the primary power sources, a higher contribution of the renewable energy sources and effective power utilisation within the BUKÓZA ENERGO, a.s. company.

This Project is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund.
Based on its own documentation, the company KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. executed the reconstruction and modernization of the existing power facilities and systems and of the compressed air production/distribution system. The feed pump with frequency converter was replaced, the screw compressors were installed for effective utilisation of the turbine non-controlled extraction (TG), the high-pressure heaters were installed (VTO I - VTO II) and the condenser cooling system was modified.

The purpose of this Project implementation is saving primary energy sources for electric power and heat generation and reduced CO2 production.  Also the pollutant load is reduced.

Increase in electric power and heat generation efficiency within the company BUKÓZA ENERGO, a.s.
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Reconstruction and modernization of technological and construction parts of the existing power facilities and of the compressed air production and distribution system. Preparation of as-built documentation, trial operation, activities from the complete documentation up to its completion and input documents for building approval.