CPP Prunéřov - OB04 – Water Service

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. participated in modernization of the Prunéřov II power plant through the delivery on a turn-key basis of the 04 package – Water service. Modernization was performed under management of the company ŠKODA PRAHA Invest as a general contractor.

The OB 04 package – Water service dealt with the delivery of the technological units for treatment of turbine condensate and clarification of make-up water for the cooling and circulation circuits. Furthermore this OB 04 covered the deliveries of the cooling, service and fire water pump stations and the equipment for the industrial and storm water disposal, as well as the construction of the building objects, including the equipment, of the biological wastewater treatment plant and sanitary water pump station. Prior to the discharge to Ohře river the effluent is accumulated and monitored in the reconstructed control reservoirs.

"Complex reconstruction of the Prunéřov II power plant“ OB04 – Water service
Zahájení realizace:
CZ, Prunéřov
ČEZ, a.s., Duhová 2/1444, 140 53 Praha 4
Předmět zakázky:
Design documentation, delivery, installation and operation start-up of the technological and building parts of the 04 package – Water service within the "Complex reconstruction of the Prunéřov II power plant“ Project.