NPP Temelín - Change of operation checks of the equipment from time period of 4 to 8 years

KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s. prepared for ČEZ, a.s. the assessment project regarding equipment operation control intervals (including explanatory report).   The interval extension to 8 years will result in labor reduction and operating costs reduction upon keeping the existing operation safety. The solution is based on the 10- year observation and the computer processing of the results.

JETE Návrh na prodloužení cyklu PK ze 4 na 8 let
Zahájení realizace:
CZ, Temelín
ČEZ, a.s, Duhová 2/1444, 140 53 Praha 4
Předmět zakázky:
Assessment of possible change of the operation control frequency for selected equipment of the nuclear power plant blocks 1 – 2 from the interval of 4 years to that of 8 years.